My Little Lucky Star

Satisfied Monday Blues!

Konata Izumi from the anime Lucky Star. I purchased the nendroid/nendoroid last Wednesday, only to learn that it really is a faux. I didn’t even know about faux nendroids until my cousin instructed me. From what I learned, faux nendroids are shinier and the substance they use to make it is more cost-effective. Real nendroids are made of resin and charges AT Minimum $thirty . This a single expense me fewer than $13. I still assume its cute nevertheless XD

Here’s an image comparison of a faux and a true nendroid. Truthfully, I wouldn’t be ready to convey to the change unless of course I had the two of them in front of me … and even then I could be a tiny bewildered.

Notice: the piano didn’t occur with the nendroid. Its the very same piano sharpener in this shot

Digicam employed: Canon Digital Rebel XTi
Lens employed: Canon 50mm f/one.8

In any case, I was tagged by adiyanduri and chopil. In this article are ten far more random info about me:

one. Acquiring piano sheet tunes of tracks I like tends to make me extremely satisfied 🙂
2. My favorite working day of the week is Wednesday
3. I love my Wacom Bamboo Fun (graphics pill)
four. I take pleasure in watching random tutorials (about just about anything: drawing, make up, card tips, etcetera) on youtube
5. I employed to gather stamps when I was younger. But I stopped when I joined a stamp club since I didn’t want to trade any of my stamps away XD
6. I choose silver (or platinum … or white gold) around conventional (yellow) gold
7. My mother employed to gown my sister and me in equivalent garments when we ended up younger. We ended up normally mistaken for twins. I managed to convince her to stop when I arrived at the 5th grade.
8. I love peanut butter
nine. I’m a sucker for cute stuff
ten. I’m heading to start playing FF Dissida tonight, weeee~

(I’m also lazy to tag any person this time. Come to feel cost-free to do this meme if you want ^___^)

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