ITEC Attractiveness Remedy exam papers is made up of 50 many choice concerns and have a pass fee of sixty%.

When you are undertaking a Attractiveness Remedy diploma you will have to just take about six separate exam papers based on how quite a few topics you are getting. The major topics covered beneath ITEC Attractiveness Remedy are

* Skin & Eye Treatment options
* Waxing
* Make Up
* Manicure & Pedicure
* Facial Electrical

When you are revising for your ITEC Attractiveness Remedy examinations you require to have a established of sample concerns identical to those you would obtain on the ITEC exam papers. As the structure of the exam is many choice concerns then these would be the very best kind of concerns to use for your revision.

Some illustrations are as follows:

01. Cleaning creams are
a) Oil based mostly emulsions
b) Water in oil emulsions – Response
c) Oil in water options
d) Water based mostly emulsions

02. What section of the hair can be observed higher than the skin’s surface?
a) Root
b) Shaft – Response
c) Follicle
d) Bulb

03. Which kind of skin tends to age additional immediately?
a) White – Response
b) Asian
c) Youthful
d) Black

04. Which just one of the subsequent is not an result of working with the destructive pole on the skin?
a) Softens the skin
b) Stimulates nerve endings
c) Decreases circulation – Response
d) Creates an alkaline reaction

Your revision approach should really be structured and organised. If you write out your approach and hang it on the wall in entrance of your desk, this will make points additional apparent. Consider a established of many choice concerns daily and understand them above and above once again. If you consistently use this strategy you will be extremely astonished at how immediately your awareness on this subject matter grows.

Source by Karen L Quinn