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Introduction: Gann calculator in the initial days of its introduction acquired pretty great response from the traders and investors.  Several knowledgeable the gain of this calculator and expressed their practical experience and troubles. I am going to describe all these factors in this user guide. It is an authentic device and its development-base-formulas you can get from my guides Gann’s Approach . As I have reported to all my viewers and seminarians in advance of that it is not a secrete device. It is the very simple mathematical method as given by W.D.Gann and I have just simplified and made use of it for producing this application.  I experience it is the need of the time I need to explain how to use this calculator with some instance.

 Swing Investing:  Swing Investing is the base and the mother of this calculator. In my words and phrases the definition of Swing Investing is “trade in the way of the selling price motion”. Price motion of a inventory as explained by Gann and Elliot follows the harmonic motion. A single phase forward I will say that it follows the random Brownian motion. Who figure out this motion? The traders or the investors figure out. The behaviour of a trader or investor is once again driven by the panic and self confidence. I will not use the term greed in this context. As a swing trader you need to find out the selling price factors which produce panic or self confidence. These are the factors I can name as swing turning factors or resistance and assist factors. Even though this is a complicated work but now a working day it is receiving simplified by the use of s/w tools. Gann’s calculator does the work of calculating these swing turning factors which I have named as the resistances, supports, purchase entry, provide entry factors.

Gann calculator: The swing 2 supports and resistance issue which I perception as the decisive issue for a purchase or provide entry, is becoming named as purchase entry and provide entry in the calculator respectively. In gann’s calculator I have made use of the square root method and degree to issue method for calculating the different supports and resistances. I have taken a hundred and eighty degree issue as 1 and primarily based on this in each individual 15 degree and its a number of I have calculated the resistance and supports.

You need to talk to me why 15 degree and its multiples? Thinking of one comprehensive working day as 24 several hours and one cycle as 360 degree I observed just about every one hour in a working day is 15 degree. My next argument is elementary mathematics states that 1 degree as 4 minutes consequently one hour is 15 degree . 

You need to talk to me why need to I perception on the past several hours swing higher and very low for forecasting the long term selling price? In a lot of statistical tools like MACD, Bollinger band or discovering the chart patterns you are using a great deal more mature knowledge factors. Even in intraday chart also if you are using these tools then with out your knowledge you are using a lot of previous knowledge factors. As a result it is almost nothing completely wrong in using only two dynamic swings higher and very low knowledge issue in this calculator.

How to use it? Choose previous one several hours swing higher and very low as input it will calculate the resistances, supports and important resistance and important assist levels. The purchase entry and provide entry charges calculated by the Gann Calculator are almost nothing but the Swing 2 resistance and assist factors. In considerably less volatile working day you may perhaps experience the congestion. Congestion is almost nothing but the purchase entry and sells entry charges will be placed pretty in close proximity to to just about every other say with Rs2 to Rs 3 difference. Same also you can experience in the resistances and supports. In this case modify your swing higher and very low factors to a wider one or make the purchase entry or provide entry higher than or beneath the 1st target issue or trade between the band suggests between any two resistances, supports, and cease loss factors. Make a exercise to modify the swing higher and very low factors time and once again in each individual one hour. If your posture operates in income then use the trailing stoploss technique to maximise income.

This calculator is doing the job and I have hundreds and thousand of proof for that. If you experience that why I am sharing this superb device with you then I have the very simple solution that knowledge is God gifted and I want to share with you. It is upto you to take it or not. Critics will never ever cease me sharing the knowledge with any one. I will advise if any one is receiving pained my by act of sharing then much better cease contemplating about this calculator.

 My way to determine the swing higher and very low:

You can comply with any one way for determining the swing higher and very low.

  1. Large and very low selling price in a certain time body. The minimal time you need to consider for the observation is one hour.
  2. Choose the preceding days past hour higher and very low for subsequent days 1st hour trade provided worldwide sentiments need to be neutral in the course of the non investing several hours of our current market.
  3. If the latest selling price action of the script is trending then consider the very low or higher follows the development higher or very low.
  4. If you experience congestion then consider the higher and very low in greater time interval.

Now see some examples which I experience will thrill you. I will also explain how you will enter a trade.

 Case in point 1:  consider the Nifty place one hour knowledge from ten to 11 a.m on twelfth august 2008.Its higher was 4634 and very low was 4598.

Applying this knowledge in the intraday calculator I observed that my important supports are 4600-4566-4498 and resistances are 4631-4666-4735. You can use this knowledge in the calculator and examination its precision.

At 11:05 a.m. it has fallen and observed assist at 4565, 11:30 it touched higher 4599 and fallen. As a result it is verified in the subsequent 50 % an hour nifty was pretty a great deal within the band of my calculated assist 1 and assist 2.

 From investing issue of check out if I pass up the probability to enter the quick trade at 4611 then much better in this junction I will wait around or modify my knowledge factors. Second observation is the bounce from the very low 4565 failed to cross the 1st assist 4600. So now the assist turns into resistance as for every basic specialized evaluation principle for subsequent 50 % an hour. In this junction also I can go quick with my initial stoploss as 4611 and next stoploss as 4631 and target as 4565. See in the subsequent 50 % an hour nifty created new very low of 4557 at 11:52 a.m.

 In this instance I have made use of the previous one hour higher and very low factors for my observation and calculated all the resistance and assist values for the subsequent hour. It is not certain that I will attain my target or cease loss in the subsequent one hour. It is just a mathematical assumption primarily based on my observation. I will suggest all of you to address this calculator as an alternate program device as you address all other indicators and tools.   

 Case in point 2: contemplate reliance marketplace higher and very low in a time interval from ten a.m. to twelve p.m. on thirteenth august 2008. It was a trending working day for reliance for the reason that it was producing increased higher and increased very low. My Swing higher and swing very low for this two hour interval is 2353 and 2315 respectively. 

 Applying these two values on the gann calculator I acquired the adhering to values:

 Long entry selling price was: 2331 target 2339-2347-2363-2412

Quick entry selling price was: 2337 target 2329-2320-2304-2256

 Since it was a trending current market for RIL and it was producing the increased higher and increased very low and the latest selling price is a great deal higher than my next target issue and trending upward. I will use this swing action to enter a purchase trade maintaining my 1st stoploss as 2339 which is my important resistance, which flip into the assist and my target will be 2363. I will occur out of the trade at 2363 or a bit beneath that for the reason that this is the third amount of target and crucial resistance issue.  

 Again I have noticed that right after touching the higher of 2373.65 the selling price has started retracing again. Now I will modify my swing very low and higher. The very low as 2339 and higher as 2373.65.  The inventory selling price 2339 is the very low which the inventory has made just in advance of earning this higher of 2373.65. You can say this is the higher adhering to the very low. Detect it meticulously I have not taken the hourly higher or very low rather I have taken the most up-to-date very low previous the higher.  

 Why this deviation in principle?  If the latest selling price action is in opposition to the preceding trending mother nature of the selling price then you need to make this deviation. In the next case state of affairs if the selling price proceeds its trending behaviour then also this deviation in principle will occur in to target. 

 Using these two values 2373.65 and 2339 I acquired

 Short entry selling price was: 2358

 Long entry selling price was: 2355

 This is congestion for the reason that the difference is only Rs 3 /- so now I will change my target to the 1st amount of target for both of those the very long and quick. As for every my calculation 1st very long and quick targets are 2363 and 2349. These two charges will act as my new very long entry and quick entry factors. More precisely I will purchase reliance higher than 2363 and provide beneath 2349.  My stoploss for the provide entry will be 2358-2374-2398 and stoploss for purchase trade will be 2355-2339-2314

 Observe the next part of the calculator which flags the crucial assist and resistance factors. my entry factors also coincide with the 1st amount of resistance and assist.

 As you can observe from the chart at twelve:35 p.m right after drifting to the amount of 2362 the inventory has a minor bounce again to 2366 and the greater downward action started after it has broken the amount of 2349. My target amount of quick entry was 2342-2326-2277. You can say it as a coincident or a mathematical ponder.

  1. At 1:30 p.m. inventory touched 2341 and bounced again to 2349 amount.
  2. At 2:20 p.m. inventory touched the day’s very low of 2326 amount.

Even though Gann’s other technique is to calculate the time action but it is past the scope of this calculator. You can browse all those approaches in my book Gann Method 

Go through the adhering to part for white paper proof:

#1: At ten:20 p.m. taking the nifty long term higher as 4302 and very low as 4279 on the Gann calculator . We have recognized the swing turning factors as follows. Invest in higher than 4301 for target 4312-4323-4345, cease loss 4279-4246 and provide beneath 4280 cease loss 4335 and target 4269-4258-4237. At ten:20 Nifty long term was investing at 4283

 Using the latest selling price and previous time squaring action the targets and cease loss was anticipated to cause in advance of 2 p.m. . In point after the swing turning issue of provide entry was induced the 1st target 4269 was obtained within 15 minutes and then it followed the 2nd target and made intraday very low of 4256.65 until 2.30

#2: at 11.05 taking  RIL long term higher as 4156.4 and very low as 4120 on the Gann calculator . We have recognized the swing turning factors as follows. Invest in higher than 2135 cease loss 2120-2097 and target 2143-2151-2166 and provide beneath 2141 cease loss 2156-2180 target 2133-2126-2110-2065. Even though the inventory was quoting at 2125 at that time but I will not make a quick entry for the reason that my 2nd target for the quick entry is virtually obtained. All-around 11:30 we acquired the swing purchase selling price cause on the chart 2135. As for every the latest selling price and previous time squaring action the 1st target for the purchase entry need to occur within one hour and 30 minutes from the purchase entry cause time. At twelve:08 I obtained my 1st target 2143 and retraced again from 2147 amount and touched the quick entry cause selling price beneath 2140 at twelve:20. And obtained the 1st target close to 1 p.m. . . .

 Any one can grasp the gann’s selling price squaring action just with very simple exercise and small bit of analytical knowledge and by using the Free of charge calculator readily available in my website web page

on 2009 i have felt the need to modify this calculator and made use of the solitary selling price issue for decession method. This chnage has generated pretty great end result for intraday trade decission. please browse the guide associted with it in the Intraday Gann calculator page to know a lot more about the use.

Conclusion: this Gann’s calculator is a mathematical application. It is becoming produced using the selling price to selling price squaring action of Gann’s technique. It is my suggestions to all the traders/ investors to address this application as an enlightening and academic device.


Soumya Ranjan Panda

Disclaimer: The data or knowledge contained in this document is neither assures not provides any recommendation to purchase or provide any stability. The mathematical simulation method made use of in the Gann calculator or explained in this short article does not offer you any recommendation to purchase or provide any stability. The author or the publisher or the developer of this application does not accountable for any sort of investing loss incur by the trader or the investor by the use of this application.

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